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Telephone: 9472 9472.

About Us

Each and every day is filled with fun and play with planned intentional teaching happening. Your child's learning is done so effectively they don't even know it is happening.


The nicest thing about enrolling your children at this service is they will be happy and well cared for. Your children will be loved and cared for each day just the way you do it at home.


At the end of the day you know that even though they are pleased to see you, your children will also want to spend more time with their educators. It is a great comfort to know that your children are loved and protected the way you want them to be.

Everything Provided

The service provides everything for your child except nappies and a hat. Sunscreen, tissues, fruit and drinks are all included in your fees. Meals and snacks are all prepared by a qualified cook in-house. Please bring bottles and formula if your child needs them.


There is no fundraising and parents don't pay for anything more after paying the weekly fees. For more information about the operations of the services please read the Parent Handbook.

Parent Handbook

code of ethics

At Technology Park Education and Care Centre we abide by "The Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics (2016)" which encompasses our operations to ensure that your children are cared for in the best possible way.

In this Code of Ethics the protection and wellbeing of children is paramount, and therefore speaking out or taking action in the presence of unethical practice is an essential professional responsibility.

Download Code of Ethics Document



our philosophy


The Service aims to create an atmosphere where parents and educators feel comfortable working together.

The Service goal is to ensure the children's education and care needs are met when management and educators;


Create an atmosphere where parents and educators feel comfortable working together to ensure the child's needs are met.

Help each family develop a sense of belonging to the Service, by striving to develop positive relationships with families which are based on mutual trust and open communication.

Acknowledge the worth of the cultural and linguistic diversity those children and their families bring to the education and care setting.

Create and maintain a safe healthy education and care environment that enhances children’s autonomy, initiative, self-worth and respect their dignity.

Provide stimulating programmed experiences based on observations of individual children, covering all development areas.

Recognize the importance of formal qualifications in the early childhood field, along with personal characteristics and experience for educators employed in the Service.

Help educators improve and update their education and care expertise and practices through formal and informal professional development.

Be familiar with and co-operate with agencies and professions working in the best interests of the children and their families.

Maintain confidentiality and respect the right of the family to privacy.

Working to and with the Early Childhood Australia code of ethics.

Continually working to improve the support the centre provides to families and educator.


Government Subsidies

    (i) Child Care Subsidy

    The Government pays part of our fees for eligible families. For more information about child care subsidy please click here


    (ii) Additional Child Care Subsidy

    If you are a grandparent caring for children or transitioning back to work you may be eligible for additional child care subsidy. Please click here for more information.