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Hours: 7.00am - 6.00pm 



A wide range of play activities are planned each day in the curriculum. Activities are also organised to follow the interests of the children's learning. Spontaneous activities, often initiated by the children, are part of every day's fun.


Language and literacy skills are a major focus, as are the concepts of mathematics and science.


All children are taught the concepts through play.


Music & Movement

From the moment babies are born they respond to music and rhythm.


They hear the "music" of speech and begin to imitate it, long before they can say their first words. Songs and music help develop language, coordination and balance.


Young children love to "move to the music" and later imitate action, then words, singing and dancing along to their favourite rhymes and songs.

Self Care Skills

Development of self-care skills is an important part of child development.


Children who have been encouraged to "have a go" and given the time and support to develop independence at meal times and in dressing, grooming and toileting will show greater initiative and confidence in their play and learning.


Independence also helps your child when settling into new environments such as preschool or school.

Active Play



The service provide opportunities for children to learn about their bodies and to develop the balance, strength and coordination needed for everyday tasks.


Active play is important for health and well-being and for development of emotional, social language and thinking skills.

Water Play



Water can provide great play activities for all children - it can be part of the every day routine, can be played inside or out and can be easily set up for all ages.


Water play is a great way to calm a grumpy child or to pick everyone up on a hot, tired afternoon. Playing in water is also great for developing strength, balance and coordination.